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Your First Visit

One of our staff members will welcome you warmly with a smile when you arrive. You will have to fill out some forms to help us gain some knowledge about you and your present condition to serve you better.

You will then be guided through a discussion with Dr. Snyder on your present condition, who will ask some questions. Specifically keeping in mind your condition in order to determine if chiropractic care will be beneficial for you or not. If the doctor thinks that it will be helpful for you, he will then discuss with you what actually will be done for your treatment.

After that detailed discussion, you will be guided through a comprehensive chiropractic check up. You will be briefed about your examination and condition to enable you better understanding about the benefits of chiropractic care. X-rays can also be taken at our clinic to evaluate your condition for a more complete diagnosis.

After getting all the required information about your condition, Dr. Snyder will discuss with you all the findings of your check up and give you a detailed report. He will discuss the x-rays with you and you will have a recommended treatment plan explained to you.

We provide high quality treatment to our patients and you can typically expect results right from the start. The alignment of your entire spine will be checked by Dr. Snyder before and at the end of every treatment.

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