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Snyder Chiropractic Center PS – FAQ’s

“I don’t know what Chiropractic Medicine really is. Can you tell me about it?”
The inner workings of Chiropractic Medicine is a completely natural health care method which treats physical problems by directly focusing on the underlying causes.  Effective Chiropractic Medicine is a fusion of two elements.  The first element is the precise science of pinpointing and evaluating spinal misalignments (or subluxations). The second element is the art of minimizing the subluxation’s impact to your nervous system. When your spine and nervous system are returned to optimum health and regular operation, your body improves its ability to heal itself.   Your spine is the vibrant core and lifeline of your nervous system. Your spine is responsible  for your feeling, movement, and function throughout your entire body.

“What is a manual adjustment?”
In chiropractic medicine, a manual adjustment is the specific application of measured force in a precise direction.  This specific application of force is applied to a joint that is “locked up”, subluxated, or moving improperly. A manual adjustment is used to remove nerve interference from your body by progressively correcting spinal subluxations.

“Does it hurt to get adjusted?”
No.  Not only are most chiropractic adjustments comfortable, they actually feel great. Many patients receiving an adjustment report a marked feeling of relief and relaxation afterwards.  You will notice a release of stress, and the feeling of tension melting away as your spinal vertebrae return to their correct position.  Most patients find themselves looking forward to treatments, as their treatment often brings the experience of instant relief.

“Are all your patients adjusted the same way?”
No. A number of factors comprise your individual course of care. This unique combination of factors is not limited to your specific pains and symptoms, but also includes your health theirtory and general state of wellness.We custom tailor your personalized course of care based on these specific and unique factors.

“What causes the popping sound during an adjustment?” 
Not all adjustments produce a sound. During the times a sound does occur, the audible noise is caused by gas rushing into a slight vacuum. The vacuum occurs during the period which the joints are separated slightly. The audible sound is completely painless, and entirely harmless.

“Will I become addicted to chiropractic care?”
No. Proper chiropractic care returns your body to a naturally more healthy, balanced state. You will (and certainly should!) enjoy feeling less stress, a refreshed energy and vitality, and a better overall sense of health and wellbeing as a direct result.  While Chiropractic medicine is not addictive, renewed health and vitality definitely is.

“Once I decide to visit a chiropractor, will I have to go for the rest of my life?”
No.  While it certainly is true that nearly anyone can benefit from regular adjustments, the choice is up to you.  The level of benefit which you choose to enjoy from chiropractic care is entirely your decision.  We all enjoy the final responsibility in our quality of health and wellbeing. Chiropractic care is an individual lifestyle decision, and you will want to continue to stay free of subluxations for life.

“What type of  formal education do chiropractic doctors receive?” 
Doctors of Chiropractic medicine undergo a highly demanding and comprehensive curriculum.  The scientific applications of chiropractic medicine require a thorough understanding and specialized emphasis a wide range of disciplines. These disciplines include anatomy, pathology, biomechanics, neurology, biomechanics, x-ray applications, and high precision spinal adjustment techniques.  The intensity of this curriculum fully prepares Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine to pinpoint subluxations and correct the ensuing dysfunctions created in the nervous system.  In order to be granted a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, each aspiring candidate must pass a comprehensive National Board Examination.

Successful doctors are then subject to a governmental or professional licensing board, and are individually assessed through a State Board Examination before being able to practice professionally.  In addition to the comprehensive specialized training, educational background, and exhaustive professional examination procedures, most states (including Washington) require a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine to undergo ongoing periodic training and continuing education to ensure the highest level of technical competency at all times.

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